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Perch Fishing
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Map of Dog Lake
Dog Lake Fishing Regulations

Black Bear Hunting
Black Bear Hunt Details
Spring Black Bear Hunt
Moose Hunting
Moose Hunt Details
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Map of Dog Lake

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Fishing Video & Photo Galleries:

If you have been a guest of Northern Walleye Lodge, formerly Camp Missanabie, please email your fishing and hunting pictures to and we will place them in our galleries.

Please Note: We put Perch photos in with the Walleyes and Whitefish photos in with the Lake Trout.

2017 Mixed Fishing Photos

2015 & 2016 Mixed Fishing Photos

2014 Mixed Fishing Photos 1
2014 Mixed Fishing Photos 2

2013 Mixed Fishing Photos
2012 Mixed Fishing Photos

2011 Walleye Photos 1
2011 Walleye Photos 2
2011 Northern Pike Photos
2011 Smallmouth Photos
2011 Lake Trout Photos

2010 Walleye Photos
2010 Northern Pike Photos
2010 Smallmouth Bass Photos
2010 Lake Trout Photos
Perch Photos

Camp Video (2016)

Lake Trout Fishing Video 5 (2016)
Lake Trout Fishing Video 4 (2011)

Smallmouth Fishing Video 1 (2010)
Smallmouth Fishing Video 2 (2010)
Smallmouth Fishing Video 3 (2010)
Smallmouth Fishing Video 4 (2010)
Smallmouth Fishing Video 5 (2010)

Lake Trout Fishing Video 1 (2010)
Lake Trout Fishing Video 2 (2010)
Lake Trout Fishing Video 3 (2010)

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